Monday, December 13, 2010

Stereolab took a lesson from Sun Ra & His Arkestra

From the first time I heard this tune, Cadriopo by Stereolab, I loved it! Then, one day, I heard the same tune (well, without vocal) on an internet radio broadcast very late at night. I was left a bit dumbfounded, as the Stereolab tune was like a sped up carbon copy of the original. While I will always love the Stereolab tune, I love the original just as much! Enjoy Cadriopo by Stereolab and the original Love In Outerspace by Sun Ra & His Arkestra.


  1. Thank you, Miss T. I was only familiar with the Sun Ra tune - I really enjoyed Stereolab's version!

  2. yotte...thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed Stereolab's version!