Saturday, February 26, 2011


Thank you KQED for tonight's 8:00 movie! TOPKAPI!!!

and a tribute to the film:

Jet-setting jewel thief Elizabeth Lipp (Melina Mercouri) drafts master tactician Walter Harper (Maximilian Schell) and some ragtag locals, including grifter Arthur Simpson (Peter Ustinov), to help pinch a gem-encrusted dagger from an Istanbul museum. Unwittingly tapped as a patsy to smuggle guns over the border, Simpson soon ends up straddling both sides of the law. Ustinov scored a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his first-rate performance.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell footware! L-O-V-E!!!

If I were to be persuaded to invest a large chunk of money in a pair of shoes, I think I've found the brand who could do it! Jeffrey Campbell shoes are more than lovely! While I'm not feeling every design, there are enough retro inspired styles that it makes it hard for me to pick only one! Ahhhh...if only I had a large spending account for shoes! I love the sculptural wooden platforms, the wedges and the super duper 70's inspired looks and colors! Here are a few of my faves!
Good Morning Sunshine Wedges

A Rust-Have Wedge

I Got Sole Heel

All images are borrowed from the Modcloth website:

And don't forget to take a look at the Jeffrey Campbell website:

Leningrad Cowboys....., my friend shared a link to a blog post the other day. It was about this crazy fashion trend in Mexico that is starting to take off with the young Mexicans living in Texas (Tejas). It involves really LOOOOOOOONG and pointy boots. Anyway, reading through the bit that was written up about them, the author mentioned that they could have been influenced by the Leningrad Cowboys and offered a link.

I find these guys (and what appears to be "sometimes" gals) visually interesting. I've listened to a few of their songs (all live) on Youtube and am not that impressed with the music that goes along with them...but they do get an A+ for visual stimulation, stage presence and performance! I think they like pointy things...pointy hair, pointy shoes...well, you get the picture!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home!

I haven't watched the Sunday night cartoon block in a long time. Last night, I just happened to have the television on the right channel at the right time. It reminded me of a nighttime cartoon that I watched as a child: Wait 'till Your Father Gets Home!

This episode happens to include a character that bares a lot of resemblance to a famous Southern California used car salesman, who apparently sued the animation studio for the resemblance!

..."pussy cow, pussy cow, pussy cow!" haha ...Go See Cal!!!

Thank you "SimplySuzie2" for including my Wrangler Jacket in your Treasury!

My Wrangler Jacket is included in this adorable Cowboy themed treasury put together by Simplysuzie2 on Etsy! Thank you for including my item!

Take a look at the treasury here:

Also, while you're on the Etsy site, mosey on over to Simplysuzie2's shop:

...and a little shameless self promotion, stop by Mookeys Mood/Questionetc:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New poster art for upcoming event!

Thank you for First Round Promotions and SFVRS for asking me to do another poster/flyer!

Pets On Furniture Competition from Modernica
Check out the link for photos of other contestants and info about the contest and grand prize winner. Soooo CUTE!

I love OVALE! (by Alessi!)

In the Dec/Jan 2011 issue of Dwell, ( in the Products showcase at the front of the magazine, they spotlighted Ovale by Alessi. Ovale is a collectin of 23 stoneware and stainless steel serving dishes. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, French designers, collaborated with Alessi to create this lovely, simple and modern collection. I once had a nice collection of vintage stainless steel servingware and these remind me a lot of those pieces. For more info, here is a great article:

Also, you can take a look at the Alessi on-line shop to buy the pieces directly!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Listings in Etsy!

Take a look at my etsy shop! The Tupperware coasters have already sold! Great set of red melamine dishes & cool super duper uber mod paisley vintage slim fit button down shirts!

First Elephant heads out to his new home!

Thanks to an old friend for being the first to buy one of my newly designed elephants! The elephant has arrived safely alongside a Hoot! owl I sent for his son. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gettin' ready!....keep your eye out for what's to come soon!

Swinging 60s Fashion Illustration that I Love!

Came across this image a while back when I was doing some reference research. I love the defined lines, but the painterly and "unfinished" look make it even more attractive!

Happy (belated) Valentines Day Wishes!

I know, I know...I'm a few days late. I hope you can forgive me...I came down with an 18 hour stomach virus late Monday night and was pretty much out of commission all day Tuesday...anyway, here are a couple of adorable vintage valentines that relate to things that are or have been dear to my heart throughout my life: records & scooters!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Ahhh sweet memories of childhood!

When I was a young girl, I fell in love the beautiful illustrations found on so many sheet music covers from the 19-teens and 20s. Growing up wandering around swap meets, yard sales and flea markets from the youngest age I can remember, I suppose it was natural that by the time I was 11 or 12, I had fallen in love with the romantic colors and illustration style from this era. What a surprise to me when I came across the image above! The memory associated with this has not been on my mind for years, but when I scrolled down the page tonight while doing some inspiration research and saw this...I stopped short! I had this same piece framed and hanging on my bedroom wall for many, many years and it helped to provide many happy dreams! I hope it will bring a smile to your face, as it did to mine tonight!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Take a look at my Flickr account!

I've been meaning to get an online portfolio together. Don't know why I didn't think of using Flickr in the past, but it seems to be a good place to get things organized! Will be adding more things from the span of my creative endeavors whenever I find time, so keep checking back for new photos and sets! Thanks for looking!