Monday, December 20, 2010

Recent Finds! Keep an eye on my etsy shop!

I found this cute vintage coloring book and really wanted to buy it, but unfortunately for me, the inside was well loved and aside from the cover art, had no value to me, so for posterity, here is the lovely illustration for viewing pleasure and inspiration!

These are a few items I picked up. The shoes I really hope to be able to keep for myself, but upon second try at home, I'm afraid they might be just the teensy bit too small. :( Sooo sad about that as it's hard to find nice vintage women's shoes my size or anywhere close to it for that matter! Anyway, that's another subject. If I decide not to keep them, they will be added to my etsy shop. The paisely shirts are all slim fit button downs for the Mod aficionado! These will definitely be in my etsy shop...keep an eye out!

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