Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where It's At! Friday May 28th!

Friday night, May 28th, we'll be at it again! Join us for Where It's At to start off your Memorial Day weekend right! We'll be welcoming my big brother as our guest DJ! If you love soul music from the 60s and 70s, you'll wanna be there! All vinyl soul, funk, r&b, disco and rare groove! We promise to keep ya dancin' all night long!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Count down to INDIE MART!!! June 6th is just around the corner!

Come visit me...I'll be in space #53. Look for Questionetc. Handmade Fashion Accessories! See ya there!!!

The Indie Mart is back for our first throw down of the year and our 3rd anniversary party. We have our best group of vendors ever! We personally recruited over 30 new to Indie Mart vendors that have never shown at SF shows before. Over 100 vendors bringing you the best makers, designers, vintage, handmade unique goodies, art, baked treats and much more. Tons of interactive vendors offering customization or showing you how it's made. Besides our usual standby's on stiff drinks, cheap beers & fresh BBQ food from thee Parkside...we've also got a giant demo station brought to you by Workshop ( that'll feature demos every hour, on the hour. A DIY terrarium station while supplies last. PBR giveaways. Puppies & kittens for adoption from WonderDog. The Fashionist taking shots of the most stylist peeps for her site ( Heavy Metal Aerobics pumping at 2pm for all to join in (SF Weekly & 7x7 Best of SF winner). Photobooth. DJ's outside all day playing rock & roll. Bands inside: Music for Animals (4pm,, Jonesin' (3pm,, Magic Magic Roses (2pm, & Red, White & Drunken (2pm, boy band & fun 90's covers). Good times and a whole street taken over by SF's best.

The Indie-Mart Street Fair
Sunday June 6th, 12-6pm
Thee Parkside- 17th st & all down Wisconsin
Ride your bike, take the 22 Muni Line
Valet bike parking from the SF Bike Co-alition
ALL AGES- 21 to booze it up.

$3 suggested donation


june 6th flier front

june 6 flier back

Monday, May 24, 2010

Amish Abstrations, Autoban and Jimmy McBride

A week ago Friday, as part of a work-related inspiration field trip, I went to the de Young museum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. The exhibit we went to see is entitled Amish Abstractions: Quilts from the Collection of Faith and Stephen Brown. We had a docent guided tour which provided a lot of interesting facts and trivia about the quilts, the methods used to create them and the thought processes involved. I definitely found it inspiring! I grew up with my mother, both grandmothers, great grandmothers...many generations back...all who work(ed) with the needle crafts: sewing, quilting, embroidery, crochet, knitting, etc., etc. This sort of thing is in my blood! The colors and attention to detail in each of the quilts reminds me how important care and craftsmanship are. In this day, when most things in life are created by a machine, rather than human hands, this exhibition and the recognition that such exhibitions provide, are so much more important to the idea of preserving and gratifying the human touch in craft and creation.

In the current decade, we are seeing more and more of this return to craft and handmade. With large shows like the Renegade Craft Fair, Bazaar Bizarre, Patchwork, and Indie Mart, among others, those of us who carry on this tradition have a venue to sell and to support others of our kind! Recently, the April issue of Dwell magazine had several articles that caught my eye. The first is entitled Young Turks. This is about a pair of designers who work under the design firm name AUTOBAN. They are both product and interior designers. What I found interesting is their dedication to craft and to supporting the local workshops and craftsmen. Originally, this is how all of their products were produced, but with the connection to De La Espada, who now handles most of the production and distribution of their designs, only the original prototypes are created in such a way. This is still commendable, considering that many designers send off sketches and 2-D plans...while this duo insists on holding on to the "handmade" aspect that they built their success on.

The second article, which is actually just more of a showcase comment, is about Jimmy McBride and his out of this world, handmade quilts. The one they showcase is called "M64 Child's Quilt". M64 is the technical name for the "Black Eye Galaxy". His work is at once beautiful, well crafted and inspired by astronomy! This quilt is one of a series all with inspiration drawn from the farthest reaches of space. I thought it was timely that I revisted this issue, just after the Amish Quilts exhibit and re-discovered this article, which now held more significance to me. I'm glad that I had the opportunity to visit the Amish exhibit and for the awareness it brought to me in discovering another great craftsman and needle worker, Jimmy McBride.

Here are links to all points of interest:

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hung Out to Dry? | Levi Strauss & Co.

Hung Out to Dry? | Levi Strauss & Co.

This is posted on today's Levi's blog...check it out for a chance to share your creativity and possibly win a little cash prize! Also, check out the new Levi's blog...stay up on what's going on with the company!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Roy Ayers - Running Away (12" Promotional Version) 1978

This is my current "Song of the Moment"...I love this tune! I have the full length album, but had to hunt down the 12" single for the extra long Disco version. Released in '77/'78, I think this song has as much relevance today as it did back then. It's got such a good groove, and when Mr. Roy Ayers drops those vibes down, I can't shake it! Think I'll throw this one into my bag for Friday's party!

Check out Discogs for more info:

And his Wiki entrance:

A night of Soul, Funk, Disco and Rare Groove! This weekend!

This Friday night I will be DJing along with my partner in crime, Shawn, at Where It's At! We spin all original vinyl records and promise a night that will keep your bootay shakin! Specializing in the late 60s to mid 70s sound, we'll be spinning soul, funk, disco and rare groove.

As an addition to this Friday's happening, we'll be celebrating my birthday, so come on down to join in the party!

It all starts at 10pm and goes till closing.

Located at:
Mad Dog in the Fog
530 Haight Street
Lower Haight
San Francisco, CA

If you don't make it out this Friday, we're there every 2nd and 4th Friday and would love to see ya anytime!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NUDIE'S! Western Wear, that is!

In today's market, those of us who are involved in denim, be it as a consumer, designer, dealer, etc. know "Nudie" as a premium denim brand ( However, I have always known "Nudie" to be a man who created some pretty darned amazing western wear. As a little girl, my dad, being a cowboy at heart, tended to find his way to western wear shops. I would often tag along. We lived in the San Fernando Valley, not too far away from Nudie's shop on Lankershim Blvd. It was a cowboys heaven! Boots, shirts, jeans, ropes, saddles, suits...oh and did I mention, Nudie himself would often be there?! My dad, having the gift of gab, got to know Nudie on a friendly level. Me being an daydreaming horse-loving 5 year old, always wished to sit on one of those silver studded, hand tooled saddles. During one visit, I guess Nudie could see the desire in my eyes and told me I could climb on...which I did quite happily! I remember that day, there was a Country Western singer in the store playing guitar and singing. Nudie had on his iconic 2 different colored boots and a fancy suit and hat. It was a magical day! Even as a child, I recognized that there was something special about these experiences at Nudies store. Of course, years later, I came to know more about him and to appreciate the amazing person he was. Anyway, in memory of Nudie, the man and not the jeans, I wanted to share this story with you. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

Take a look here for the official Nudie website, as well as the Wiki entrance:

The Selvedge Yard blog has a nice article and photos about Nudie:


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Charlotte Dada does Don't Let Me Down (Ghana 1971)

I heard this tune this morning and being that it has always been one of my favorite songs, especially reggae version, no matter who has recorded it...I thought I'd share this amazing African one with you! Cheers!



Happy Mother's Day to my Mumzy and to all of the wonderful mum's in the world!

Three Heads Six Arms....Public Art in SF

Last week, crossing the Bay Bridge on my way into SF for work, I noticed a flat bed truck in the lane next to me. It had several pieces of what appeared to be a large sculpture. Bronze in color and looking like a Thai Buddha, it definitely caught my eye and I wished I had time to snap a pic. Well, this morning, I open my email and Daily Candy's Sunday Events and Diversaries shared a little insight on this with me. Here's their excerpt:

“Three Heads Six Arms”
What: The U.S. unveiling of celebrated Chinese artist Zhang Huan’s largest sculpture to date, part of a series depicting fragmented extremities of Buddhist statues.
Why: Finally an answer to the age-old question, “What has three heads, six arms, and no legs?”
When: Dedication ceremony, Wed., 10 a.m.
Where: Civic Center Plaza, Larkin St., b/t McAllister & Grove Sts. (415-537-4200).

Also, take a look on the SF Arts Commission website for further details.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

SF Indie Mart is coming up June 6th!


Coming up on June 6th, I'll have a booth at the Indie Mart! Kelly and her crew throw this amazing street fair full of some very talented designers and artists selling their wares. I've had a booth here the past 3 or 4 times and am looking forward to being part of the 2 year anniversary! Here's a few pics of some of the new things I've been working on...will post more as I continue to build my stock in preparation for the big day!

Included here are owl plushies, Lion Tooth Fairy Pillows and a few childrens items decorated with applique. Enjoy!

The Brooklyn Circus in SF

I met these guys a few months back at a party for Otis friends and family. They had their wares set up for sale. I was very impressed with their classic style and beautiful craftsmanship and materials. If you live anywhere near San Francisco, get on down to their store to take advantage of a fantastic sale. Click the link below for a taste of what's in store!*722621n-add48870

Welcome to Mookey's Mood!

Happy Saturday afternoon! Today is the first day of the rest of my life...and yours too! I would like to welcome you to my blog. I will be using this as a chance to share many things with you. If you love music, fashion, old things, treasure hunting at flea markets and thrift stores, amongst other curios and you won't mind me throwing in a curve ball once in a while, then you'll want to keep me linked in to your lives!

I hope you will come back often and please feel free to share my inspirations with your friends!

-Miss T

A few things to get started. Enjoy!

The Players Association - I like it - 1977 [Funky-Disco]

Hello Friends! A little tune to get things kicked off here. Hope you like it as much as I do!