Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My recent cooking exploits!

I was at Daiso a couple of weekends back and saw the cutest mini cookie cutters. I picked up 2 different shapes, with a new plan to make sugar cookies for Christmas. We'll see if they actually exit the plan in my head and enter into existance! In the mean time, I'm warming up a little with a tray of chocolate chip cookies! Yummmmmm!

I also made my 2nd Thanksgiving dinner ever! Found a wonderful recipe for Turkey thighs on the internet and a couple of hours later, we had this lovely plate of mashed potatoes, stuffing, greens & of course turkey! Oh and the huge bowl of gravy made from the juices of the turkey and broth it was cooked in! Delish!

And, for the first time ever, I took a chance on the sale on crab at the market. 3 of these lovely buggers for only $7.50! Okay, after boiling them and eating some, I realized it's actually quite difficult to eat them before they get cold and it's such a mess cracking them. Well, it was a fun try, but I think the next time I eat fresh crab, I'll let the restaurant chefs prepare it for me!

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