Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Weekend in Los Angeles!

Thankfully, the drive down HWY 5 was smooth and speedy and full of beautiful stormy cloud formations!

Christmas night, stopped by Mireya & Oscar's place of El Ponk fame for a visit and gift exchange. We also made a trade...I took home one of the Ramone skulls in the second photo and the lovely Frida one in the first photo.

My mom and I spent Sunday together visiting friends, doing a little shopping and completing our night at Oomasa, my favorite sushi restaurant in Little Tokyo. Because it was so cold out, I opted for the shrimp tempura udon and shared a scallop dynamite with my mom, who enjoyed her own plate of chicken teriyaki, salad, rice and pickled veggies!

The Japanese are so cheeky with their bathroom signs! Guess us ladies often find ourselves running to the bathroom!

This lovely bikini clad lady has breasts that bob from side to side and is powered by solar! You know you need one of these on your desk at work! ;-)

Monday morning when I got in my car, the thermostat told me it was 79degrees! That temp only stayed there for a couple of minutes before dropping down to 71, but it was still a lovely December day in L.A.!

I spent all afternoon with my grandma. She will be 95 years old in February. We had a great time together. I took her out for lunch, we went down to the Marina to watch the boats go by and ended our visit with an ice cream. I don't get to see her very often, so these times together are extra special.

And, signing off with a photo of an amazing piece of art created with gelatin! It was tasty too!

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