Sunday, December 19, 2010

Enamelling is FUN!!!!

This weekend was full of busy-ness. I stayed up until 2am Saturday night wrapping gifts and woke up Sunday to wrap even more! I'll share pics of the packages in a later post, as I am quite proud of the end result. :) But, back to business...I joined an enamelling workshop this evening at Gravel & Gold in San Francisco's Mission District. I've posted about this several other times, but I am now on the other side of the anticipation and returned home with enameled pendants in hand! It was soooo cool to learn the basics and to see how many possibilities there are with this! Here are the 2, two-sided pendants that I made.

If you have an interest in enamel and ever get a chance to do this, I'd highly recommend it!

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