Friday, December 31, 2010

Latest visit to Shorebird Park in the Emeryville Marina!

It's New Years Eve day. Had to run a few errands and make a stop at the local Target, which is right by the Emeryville Marina, so thought it would be a nice way to spend the afternoon with my lovely baby doggy, Shuka. She loves the beach and anywhere that's full of smelliness makes her even happier! It was extremely low tide during our visit, so we had a chance to walk along the shore and climb on rocks and take in all of the garbage that washes up along this shore. That part is depressing, but also interesting to see what is discarded by us humans.

While stepping out a little farther than I should have to snap a photo of one such pieces of garbage, my right foot landed in a thick patch of mud and just sunk in! Only problem is that the mud is grey! Since when is mud at the beach grey??? It looked more like concrete mix without the rocks than beach mud!

Well, back to Shuka enjoying her explorations! ...and me finding an uncanny resemblance between curly party ribbon and seaweed. :)

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