Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Baked!!!!

Ok, so this is somewhat of a milestone for me...I've baked things before, like brownies and such, from mixes, but this time, I wanted to make something special! I was shopping at Daiso ( a few weeks back and noticed the cutest little mini cookie cutters. They had several shapes - I chose the stars and flowers. Not sure why seeing those so inspired me to buy them and then to make my first attempt ever at sugar cookies...but they did! And, in the end, the cookies didn't turn out half bad! I finished up a freelance gig this past Friday and wanted something special to give as a thank you to my supervisor and another woman that I worked closely with. I found pretty silver flourish printed pastry bags at the Dollar Tree ( and filled them up with powdered sugar covered sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies! They were a hit and it made me happy to be able to give something that I made! The recipe is from an original Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book from the 1950s. Crisco makes the best cookies!

...and yes, I love shopping at discount stores! They have the most unique finds sometimes and the most inspiring, as I've learned with this experience! :)

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