Sunday, October 10, 2010

Internation Rare Groove is where it's at!

I have a hard time turning on the radio and finding a station that I can listen to. There's a local public radio jazz station that I like, but it won't do for all times! When I'm at home, and not listening to records, I found a more than decent online station through iTunes. It's called "International Rare Groove". There are times that they throw in a song that leaves me wondering, but for the most part, these guys know what's going on! Every time I listen they either remind me about a song that I should add to my collection or more often introduce me to many amazing new tunes. It's "class in session" for old soul, funk, disco, and reggae tunes, with a little latin soul, bossa nova, tropicalia, afro beat/soul and jazz thrown in for good measure!

Give a listen here: You won't be disappointed!

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