Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Know You Got Soul!!!!

I got a few records in the mail today. One is Doing It To Death by Fred Wesley & the J.B.'s. This record inspired me to check out more on Youtube. It lead me to one of my favorite all time songs, I Know You Got Soul by Bobby Byrd:
...which lead me to Eric B & Rakim's song of the same name and heavily samples the original:
In addition to Bobby's tune, I recognized a few additional samples. I wanted to see what else I was missing, so looked it up and found this amazing blog post from Ethan Hein's Blog:
Everything you ever wanted to know and more is covered in this post! It blew my mind when I saw the 'family tree' of sorts for the songs off the album Paid In Full, where this song is found. Highly recommend reading this bit of musical history!
And, to give tribute to the second most recognizable sample in this song, here's a Jackson 5 video...starts off with I Want You Back, the song sampled. It goes into a medly of several other Jackson 5 songs, but I liked this video the best with all their amazing outfits and the drummer and keyboardist too!

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