Saturday, October 16, 2010

Early 1960's Lincoln Continentals...pure class!

As a kid, I grew up riding around in old cars. My dad was, and still is, a car guy. He's had everything from a 1929 Studebaker Touring Car to a 1968 VW bug Limo...and so many in between! I don't think he's ever owned an early 60's Lincoln though, and being that he is a Ford man, specifically, I can't believe that this one never made it into his garage! But, all those Friday nights as a teenager heading out to all the car meets at the retro 50s diners around the San Fernando Valley, car shows and general awareness of "old cars"...I came to realize that the early 60's Lincolns are what catch my eye! I love the styling, still got all the class of the 1950s with chrome detailing, etc, but moving forward into what the 1960s become with smoother and more boxy angles...and who can say those suicide rear doors aren't to die for?! Yup, if/when I can afford an old car again, this is the one I will aspire to! I've always loved my convertibles, but I think with this particular car, the hard top is where I'm at!

Here's the Wiki:
This is a very interesting read and I highly recommend it!

Oh, by the way, mine will be all black, low and beautiful!

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