Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tasty Treats!

My birthday was in May. I had a pot-luck bbq to celebrate and thanks to a dear friend and his son, the amazing creation above, was my birthday cake! They got it from their local Russian bakery. It was delish and such a sweet gesture!

The above is my plate of Ethiopian food! I have not been to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in such a long time and had a night of solo dining on my hands, so treated myself to the veggie combo plate! Yes, it was as yummy AND filling as it looks! If you're in Oakland, I highly recommend Ensarro on Grand!

This fancy concoction is of my own creation! I call it strawberry - coconut ice cream float! It's made of a couple of scoops of coconut ice cream, a handful of frozen strawberries (fresh would be even better!) and enough 7-up to cover the solid ingredients in the blender. Can I say, this bevvie was truly what was needed on a hot summer afternoon!

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