Sunday, November 7, 2010

Groove Merchant turns 20!

It's nice to know that in the middle of our very trying economic times, there is a independant business that is celebrating an anniversary and 20 years at that! Groove Merchant is one of the best Indie record stores in the Bay Area. Located in the Lower Haight in San Francisco, they occupy a modest sized shop, but hold a wealth of original vinyl. My collection centers around Soul, and they definitely have an amazing selection to offer. They also carry Jazz, Latin, Funk, Folk and on and on. Mostly LP's & 12", but a nice little selection of 45s as well. If you haven't been down to support, don't wait any longer! And while you're there, pick up one of the 20th anniversary commemorative CD comps that has been put out by Ubiquity Records!
Click on the link below to read more about the anniversary and the nice items Ubiquity has put together.

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