Sunday, November 28, 2010

Count down to did 2010 pass so fast?!

I remember my parents warning me when I was a kid that time would pass by so much faster as an adult and I always thought that meant when I was 50 or something! But man, how time flies now that I'm in my mid 30s! In honor of the speedy year that has flown by, here are a few snapshots I took to commemorate my sun tanning dog, a foggy summer, a bus terminal meeting its fate in the hands of a demolition crew, SF Segway tour participants wearing the vests I made!, cute pair of patchy dogs on the street, a sunny day at the beach with my dog, my fire dancing friend at a Crucible performance, bundles of indigo yarns before becoming denim, a cool old sign on the road, Roy Ellis, free roaming rabbits, scraper car, yellow lady bug, Fabio & Laila come to visit, icy windows, a few interesting objects I found at thrift stores but did not buy, free stuff on the street, public art and views of the SF Bay. Enjoy!

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