Sunday, September 25, 2011

KISS! Pinball Machine!!!

When I was a teenager, my dad came home with a truck full of pinball machines that he bought at Pomona Car Swap. There were maybe 15 of them if I remember right. Not all of them worked correctly and needed fixing, but one of the the ones that did work perfectly was KISS! Yes, KISS the band from the 1970s, with the famous lead singer, Gene Simmons and his crazy tongue! Haha! My brother and I spent many many hours sitting on the bar stool, leaning against the game, jumping, stomping our feet, learning every nuance of that game! The moment we were done with dinner and homework, out to the garage we'd go to play KISS! We got so good at it, we could play for hours without having to restart the game. I knew just the right pressure to hit the flipper with in order to knock down the targets, how to get it through the gates at the top, how to get the extra balls. If I was ever good at anything, I was good at the KISS pinball! I had dreams of following Brooke Shields character in Tilt and traveling around to play pinball for a living! Um yeah...just a dream! But, I do take kindly to any opportunity for a good game of pinball and my current favorite is the Elvira one, but that's another story. :)

(I found these photos here:

And a clip from TILT:

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