Sunday, October 2, 2011

SOUL! Fantasitc NYC PBS weekly from November 1, 1972

A couple of years back, my brother and I were talking about music. He had just come across this website:

What a great resource of musical acts from the early 1970s. Great, LIVE performances from some pretty amazing cats. I'm linking one of the videos here, but I cannot recommend enough for you to go to the site and watch all of the ones they have available! Unfortunately, this series has not been compiled onto DVDs (or VHS for that matter!) and apparently, other episodes are floating around out there somewhere, but are very hard to come by. I shared this link with Clifton 'DJ Soft Touch' Weaver, the mastermind of several amazing LA dance clubs, including Funky Sole at the Echo every Saturday! He's been on the look out for additional episodes since then as well. I'll update you if either one of us ever tracks them down! Until then, catch this one and do make sure to invest the time to watch the others and read about what the show was all about!

Please click this link to watch the episode from November 1, 1972:
November 1, 1972

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