Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lego Volkswagen T1 Kombi Camper Van ~ AMAZINGNESS!!!

As a lifelong VW fan (by reason of association)I found this to be a pretty amazing creation! How crazy that Lego would even care about this classic vehicle and go through all of the innovations in their little cubes, necessary to create this fun model! The video included here is of the designer giving insight into the problems and solutions needed to get the curves and details. How fun is that?!!!

Thanks to the Fox Is Black blog, I have discovered this!

For additional info and the ability to buy (official release Oct. 1), go to the official Lego site:

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  1. Oh! A LEGO kombi camper would be a perfect gift for my nephew! It would be educational and fun! But most of all, that can help him appreciate the cars we had before.