Saturday, June 4, 2011

ThunderShirt for Dog Anxiety

Two weeks ago I brought my dog in from a day in the back yard. She was limping. I thought maybe she jumped and twisted the wrong way or something and hoped after a couple of days, she'd be walking normally again. Unfortunately for both me and her, she was still limping pretty bad 5 days later so I took her to the vet to find out that she has a torn ligament in her knee. I was faced with the option of a $2700 or an $1800 lesser surgery, neither of which I can really afford. Not to mention, if she did have the surgery, I'm not sure how I would keep her from jumping around when I get home or running around when I'm not at home, because of her issues with separation anxiety. I thought I might be facing a tough decision, until I spoke with my parents and the next day, my dad called me back with a long list of things to try on of which is the ThunderShirt. Mine is ordered and will hopefully be arriving early next week. I'm so anxious to try this out to see if it'll keep my dog from going crazy with excitement every time I come home and will hopefully keep her from impeding her injury from improving because of her jumping around. From all of the information online, it seems to be a pretty amazing thing and I am crossing my fingers that it will even help a little bit! I'll update you once I receive it and have a chance to try it on her!

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