Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Egon Schiele is speaking to me...

Funny how certain things in life find their way to you in synchronicity. The most recent visitor is Egon Schiele, a figurative painter from the early 20th Century. He was a protégé of Gustav Klimt. I became aware of Egon Schiele when I was in art school, as part of my art history studies. As most overview art history classes go, his subject was only just touched upon. It wasn't until later years that I had a boyfriend who loved his work and I became more familiar with it, myself.

Recently, I came across a thoughtful and inspiring blog full of vintage photographs called Le Clown Lyrique: https://leclownlyrique.wordpress.com/. I got caught up for several hours scrolling through hundreds of photographs. One in particular stood out to me. "Egon Schiele’s Death Bed" by Martha Fein, 1918.

This photo inspired me to look up more information about him and lead me to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egon_Schiele. What an amazing life that was so creatively productive, yet cut short so tragically early. I encourage you to read some of his history.

Then, today, I came back to a friend's playlist on Youtube. One of the songs that came on is by The Rachel's. It's called "Family Portrait" and is a tune off of their album entitled Music For Egon Schiele!

A beautiful song that invokes a somber, yet thoughtful feeling. This song could so easily sit side by side with Martha Fein's photograph...a beautifully sad pair.

I'm glad to be reminded of Egon Schiele and to remember to appreciate his work and inspiring creativity.

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