Saturday, June 4, 2011

Old Cars of my past! ...and Scooter!

I grew up as the daughter of a car guy. My dad has been attending the Pomona Car Swap since the 1960s. He's been part of the classic car subculture before the classics were considered classics! He's had cars as old and varied as a 1929 Studebaker Touring car and 1960s & 70s American Muscle cars to numerous custom and sooped up Volkswagens, including several Bug limo's, one of which was his daily driver when I was in Jr. High and that I got picked up from school regularly in! He's had Jag's, dune buggies, Porsches, Woodies...if it was flashy or unusual, even better! So, with that said, I am no stranger to the underside or engine compartment of a car, which is good to be familiar with when owning a classic car. As part of my personal trip down memory lane, here are a few pics of classic cars I have owned and driven.
1968 Mustang California Special
1970 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Convertible
1969 Volkswagen Sundial Conversion Camper Bus
...and finally, my 1980 P200 Vespa scooter.

Well, hope you enjoy old cars as much as I do! Even though I drive a modern car these days, I know one day I'll have my hands on the wheel of a classic again!

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