Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cute Collections!

I have this little built-in shelf area in my apartment. The shelves are so small and shallow, I'm not sure what they were used for before, but for me, they work nicely as a home for my collection of small items, Momiji, Critter Splitters, Tim Biskup totems, Happy Owl Glass owl pin and handmade items from El Ponk and Dada Func, amongst other little fun items I've picked up along the way.

The cute little Momiji doll, Coco, was a gift from my BF. The blue enamel plate behind her is a piece from my collection of vintage enamelware. The popcorn/elephant domino was left by a visiting friend.

The skull is from El Ponk. It's from the Ramones series. The little guy on the scooter I brought home with me from Thailand. The little pig was a housewarming gift from the same friend who painted the lady tile in the background.

Another pic of the skull, plus a handpainted sparrow on vintage pouch by El Ponk.

My set of Tim Biskup Stack Pack totem figures with a few other fun items!

More Critter Splitters and Tim Biskup totems + other figures.

A close up of Coco Momiji doll and Critter Splitters!

The first Momiji doll, Flowers, given to me by my mom, a vintage metal buddha, the chrome script from my old Karmann Ghia and another handpainted item from Dada Func.

Finally a few pieces of artwork from my collection. Two Tim Biskup, one by my friend Fredo and the last one on the bottom is a collage of photobooth photos on a vintage hanky made by my friend El Ponk.

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