Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bastard Brownies!...a unique way to deal with an ex

This morning's Bust (magazine) blog shared an interesting story...a woman who is going through a tough financial experience caused by an ex-fiancee' is trying to raise money to pay off her debts by selling brownies!

Check out the Bust story here:

Check our her website where you can order these brownies here:

They look really tasty! I'm so tempted to order a box for myself!

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  1. Miss T. I love your blog, so many interesting things. All your crafts on etsy are so cute and I will check it out further. Did you design the lion tooth pillow and the darling bird? So nice of you to include information about your artist friends and pictures of your vintage items and about places, things to do in the San Francisco area and your playing records. All very interesting. I'll keep a watch on your blog.

    Thanks. MS M